ThemFis_Vol 7_Issue 4_Oct-Dec_ 2011_95-102

Τhe Terminology in Physical Therapy:a continuous problem

Asimakis K. Kanellopoulos, Panagiotis Trigkas, Athanasios Mandilaris


The nomenclature in physical therapy is often problematic, both nationally and internationally. Erroneous and

inappropriate terms are transferred from generation to generation with dramatic results both for the prestige and

for the essence of physiotherapy science. Th is article is an attempt to classify these problems of terminology, and

analytically approach one of each kind.

Th ere is no science without standardized terminology. Despite the tentative steps made internationally on

a personal level, there is currently no constituted body responsible for investigating, studying and solving the

problems of terminology. In Greece, the creation of such a body is in the interest of science of physiotherapy,

as this body will give guidelines to the Greek physiotherapists and would communicate and interfere through

publications in local and international level.


Keywords: physical therapy terminology, human movement nomenclature, couple

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